Composite Films
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Composite films are flexible and secure, perfect for fulfilling a wide variety of requirements. They can help to improve oxygen barriers, shelf life and even the ripening of foods. Barriers can also keep odours in the packaging (aroma barrier) and protect the product contents from migration through plasticisers or mineral oil residues.


We offer a wide range of composite films made from a variety of materials to satisfy every requirement (e.g. aluminium composite film or paper film). Composite films are generally multi-layer packaging films. If required, we can add various barrier layers to the films (e.g. EVOH to prevent oxygen penetration). Contact us to learn more and find the perfect film for your packaging requirements!


Sales packaging, transport packaging, protective packaging

Composite film applications
Composite film applications
Composite film applications
Composite film applications

Manufacturing process

Our composite films are produced through blown or cast film extrusion and available with single or multiple layers. Composite films can be finished or customised to suit your packaging requirements with subsequent lamination or coating.

Material types

PET, PE, PA, ALU, PAPER or EVOH (ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer)

Available designs

Flat film
Flat film
Centre-folded film
Centre-folded film
Tubular film
Tubular film

Optional material properties

Co-extruded, smooth, highly transparent, metallized, coloured, oxygen or water vapour barrier, anti-fog, aroma barrier


From 70 mm to 1000 mm (custom dimensions available upon request)

Film thickness

20 µm and above


Up to 8 colours

Shipping method

In a cardboard tube, tube diameter: 76 mm, plastic tubes available upon request