The production of new films from recycled plastics is one of the key principles of the long-term plastic policy in German and the EU. We have pursued this sustainable and forward-thinking approach with great determination for months. Our efforts have resulted in the creation of two new product lines ‘eco’ and ‘eco+’.

Films from the eco product line contain post-industrial* recycled material and eco+ products contain post-consumer* recycling material. The names of the following products feature 3 elements. The product line (e.g. PE), the type of recycled materials (e.g. eco), and the percentage of recycled material (e.g.: 100).

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mo-films® MOeco30
mo-films® MOeco30

mo-films® MOeco30

part of our POLYOLEFIN product line

  • 30 % recycled materials
  • High gloss
  • Excellent shrinking/shrink-wrap properties
  • Half-shrunk surface
  • Available in 12.5, 15 & 19 µm
  • Only available with preperforation


part of our POLYETHYLENE product line

  • 100 % recycled materials
  • Transparent
  • Excellent shrinking/shrink-wrap properties
  • Smooth surface
  • Available thickness of 25 µm and above


part of our POLYPROYLENE product line

  • 90 % recycled materials
  • Transparent, high gloss
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Heat-sealable on both sides, DVB on one side
  • Available in 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50 µm

More information

What is recyclate?

Broadly speaking, recyclate is reprocessed plastic that can be reintroduced to the product cycle. Recyclate is melted down as granulate similarly to new materials and fed into a blown, injection moulding or other extrusion process in order to create new products/plastics.

Which methods are used for recycling?

Conventional mechanical recycling cleans, crushes and melts down the same type of plastic waste in order to extract newly formed granulate (recyclate). Plastics must be sorted according to type before this process to ensure uniform recyclate is produced. In comparison, recently developed chemical cleaning is far more laborious, yet capable of restoring plastic waste close to its raw-material state. Prior sorting is not required for this process.

Which kinds of recyclate exist?

Recyclate can be split into post-consumer (private household waste) and post-industrial (industrial waste) recyclate. Whilst a very high quality standard has been established for post-industrial recyclate, post-consumer recyclate can only be found to a limited extent in shrink and fine shrink films.

Can recyclable films re-enter the recycling process?

In contrast to cardboard, plastics can be recycled time and again without losing any quality.

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