Foam packaging

Made of PE, XPE, EPP, EPE, PU and EPS



Foams are extruded and traded as block goods. The usual material thickness is 100 mm. By using a slitting line, however, this material thickness can be adjusted in height as required. The foam is then cut out or cut according to the customer's requirements using a CNC-based water-jet cutting system. The water-jet cutting system has several cutting heads which work with a water pressure of over 4,000 bar. In further processing, individual foam elements can be joined together by thermal treatment.


Our customers' packaging should be attractive not just on the outside but on the inside. Our foam products offer optimal protection and at the same time high-quality display.


Custom-made products

This includes constructive packaging solutions such as CNC-based contour-precise inserts, blanks or load carriers. In addition, foam can also be combined with other materials such as wood, plastic or cardboard. The number of pieces/edition can vary from one piece to several thousand depending on requirements.



Material colouring

The standard colouring is white and black or anthracite.
Antistatic foams are dyed pink.
Further colours on request.

Processing techniques

Water jet cutting, CNC contour cutting, punching, sawing, packaging.

Cutting area

System 1: maximum 1,200 x 2,700 mm
System 2: maximum 2,400 x 2,800 mm

Possible material properties

Antistatic, flame-retardant, electrically conductive, temperature- and
oil-resistant, self-adhesive, combined with cardboard,
combined with plastic plates, combined with wood.

Shipping form

Packed in outer cartons on pallet and secured with stretch film.

Application examples


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