Film bags
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Polyehylene (PE)|Polypropylene (PP)

Film bags can be used as flexible and high-quality packaging materials without the need to invest in machinery. Bags can be produced with a closure aid upon request (e.g. pressure or adhesion closure). The optional version with a side gusset or stand-up base facilitates easier filling of the bag.


Sales packaging, transport packaging and product protection packaging


The production of film bags varies widely depending on the base material used. More information on this topic can be found in the respective film data sheets.


Flat bag
Flat bag
Side-gusseted bag
Side-gusseted bag
Bottom-gusseted bag
Bottom-gusseted bag
Flap bag
Flap bag
Block bottom bag
Block bottom bag
Block bag
Block bag

Optional material properties

The optional material properties of the film bags vary depending of the base material used. Please feel free to let us know what you need and we would be happy to provide advice.


Upon request.

Film thickness

20 µm and above


Hole or membrane punching


Up to 8 colours


Partial or all-over, cold or hot needle punching

Shipping method

Packaged or loose in a box, tear-off perforation on a roll, in blocks