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Our joinery packaging films are high-quality co-extruded films made from polyethylene. Joinery packaging films are designed to provide weatherproof packaging to ensure secure transport or long-term outdoor storage. No matter whether its loaded bridges, pallets or other containers – due to the variety of different sizes, we are able to meet all requirements.  Thanks to the film’s blow extrusion production process, complex contours and overhangs can easily be packed tightly and made puncture-proof.


Tailor-made joinery packaging films for weatherproof transport packaging and storage. Protect your products against environmental damage caused by UV radiation and damp. Discover our manufacturing spectrum (film thickness, colours, etc.) for joinery packaging films and contact us today!


Application example


Weatherproof packaging for transportation and storage

Material types

Co-extruded LDPE.

Available designs

Folded 4 times, cut in the middle
Folded 4 times, cut in the middle
Folded 8 times, cut in the middle
Folded 8 times, cut in the middle

Manufacturing spectrum

Roll widths From 4 to 12 m
Film thickness From 150 to 200 µm
Material colors white/white,

Standard product portfolio

Width Thickness Length Color
4 m 200 µm 110 m white/white
6,5 m 200 µm 68 m white/white
7 m 200 µm 63 m white/white
8 m 200 µm 55 m white/white
9 m 200 µm 49 m white/white
11 m 200 µm 40 m white/white


We guarantee UV stability for at least 12 months.


Our joinery packaging films are made of 100% multi-recyclable mono-material (LDPE 04)


We recommend the usage of RIPACK 3000 heat shrink guns for working with our shrink films. The precise heat application, the patented torch head and the plug-in system with extensions of up to 1.8 m allow comfortable working and a wide range of applications. 

The TURBOPACK mobile shrink tower is a great alternative, especially for modular construction. Due to the steady heat application of the surface, the film is heated faster and more efficiently. In addition to a time saving of up to 50%, this also ensures a saving in gas consumption of up to 20%. The Turbopack is available up to a height of 3.200 mm.


We would be happy to advise you on suitable processing accessories such as repair adhesive tape, gas cylinder or film dispenser trolleys, fireproof non-stick gloves, and much more.

Repair adhesive tape with suitable dispenser
Repair adhesive tape with suitable dispenser
Gas cylinder trolley
Gas cylinder trolley
Film dispenser trolley
Film dispenser trolley
Fireproof non-stick gloves
Fireproof non-stick gloves


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