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Do you have any questions about products or delivery times, or would you simply like detailed advice? We will gladly assist you in finding the ideal film.

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Specialist in flexible FILMS

We place our focus on providing the best possible protection for your products and presenting them in an attractive and practical, functional manner. Combined with the responsible and conscientious use of resources and the use of the most sustainable materials available. Let us advise you personally on how to pack your products more efficiently, sustainably and effectively.


was founded in 1976 by the businessman Hugo Beck in Dettingen an der Erms, Germany. Situated 40 km south of Stuttgart in the heart of the Swabian Alp, the town is still the headquarters of our company today. As a system supplier of plastic film and packaging solutions, we solve our customers‘ problems when it comes to packaging requirements in a sustainable manner. We operate throughout Germany and in neighbouring European countries with the help of our sales offices and distribution partners.

Our extensive range of films

and close collaboration with the leading suppliers of film packaging machines allows us to fulfil a wide variety of requirements in an applied and user-friendly manner. Our specialisation in POLYETHYLENE and POLYOLEFIN shrink and shrink-wrap films has transformed us into one of the most important film suppliers in Europe. In addition to our long-standing and exclusive collaboration with SEALED AIR corporation, the respected US manufacturer of POLYOLEFIN shrink films, since the mo-films POLYOLEFIN® brand was established, we also stock the most extensive range of products on the market for this type of film. Our diverse range offers solutions for almost all packaging requirements.

The individual advice

given on the phone, by email or on your premises lies at the heart of every packaging project we undertake. Here we focus on the adding value for our customers. Although packaging comes at the end of the value chain – it is the first thing the consumer sees. The best possible protection presented attractively and functionally – we have succeeded in convincing many household names from a wide range of industries (P&G, Ferrero, Miele, tesa, Head, and many more) with this concept.

Sustainable packaging

from resource-saving solutions represent the present and future of our industry. We addressed this issue at an early stage and have been offering the world‘s thinnest POLYOLEFIN fine shrink film in 7 µm since 2013. This patented production technology, based on a mono-material, represents an unrivalled benchmark and enables savings in film of up to 70% to be made. “Reduce it. Don’t remove it” is our answer to the question of better sustainability.  We would be happy to advise you individually on how to achieve savings with thinner or recycling-based packaging solutions for your products.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to working with you as partners.


Thorsten Prygiel
Managing Director