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BOPP|CPP films

Polypropylene films (also commonly referred to as PP films) are characterised by high transparency, a glossy appearance and high rigidity. They provide attractive product presentation and are particularly well-suited for shrink-wrapping or covering food, cosmetics or magazines due to their low water vapour permeability and stability. Discover our versatile PP films!


We offer two types of polypropylene films. Our BOPP films made from biaxially oriented polypropylene are highly stable, transparent and highly temperature-resistant. CPP films (cast polypropylene) are popular due to their high elasticity, peelability and excellent machinability.


Flowpack, Sales packaging, protective packaging

Manufacturing process

Polypropylene films are produced through blown or cast film extrusion and available with single or multiple layers (mono or coex films). PP films can be finished or customised to suit your packaging requirements with subsequent coating. Our PP films are made to order.

Material types

BOPP film, CPP film

Available designs

Flat film
Flat film
Centre-folded film
Centre-folded film

Optional material properties

Glossy, highly transparent, metallized, anti-fog, pre-treatment printing on one or both sides


From 70 mm to 1000 mm (custom dimensions available upon request)

Film thickness

Between 15 µm and 58 µm


Up to 8 colours


6 mm hole or membrane punching


All film types are food-safe and comply with both EU regulations (Directive 10/2011) and US FDA standards.

Shipping method

In a cardboard tube, tube diameter: 76 mm or 152 mm