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Stretch Film

LLDPE films

Stretch films are primarily used to ensure secure transportation of a diverse range of products and goods on pallets. We offer hand stretch films for manual use with small packaging units or machine stretch films for fully automated stretch wrap systems used to secure larger load units. The material thickness and pre-stretching can be adjusted to meet the customer’s requirements. Discover the high quality stretch films in our extensive product portfolio!


Our stretch film portfolio includes LLDPE films (linear low density polyethylene). These films are primarily characterised by high tear-resistance and elasticity due to their low density. LLDPE films effectively protect your products against humidity, contamination and other external influences.


Product protection and secure transportation

Manufacturing process

Stretch films are produced as mono or coex films through blown or cast film extrusion. Blown films offer better mechanical properties, whilst cast films are suitable for almost every application.

Material types


Available designs:

Hand stretch film
Hand stretch film
Machine stretch film
Machine stretch film

Optional material properties

Adhesive on one side, smooth interior or exterior, pre-stretched from 150 % to 300 %


From 100 to 500 mm

Film thickness

Hand stretch film: 17 μm, 20 μm and 23 μm

Machine stretch film: 8–30 μm

Material colours

Transparent, coloured (colours available upon request)


All-over punching (available upon request)


Our stretch films are both food-safe and groundwater neutral.

Shipping method

Hand stretch film wound on a cardboard tube, tube diameter 38–50 mm.
Machine stretch film wound on a cardboard tube, tube diameter 30–76 mm.