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"very good" recyclability ♻ - proven

The film types MO1 and MO4 of the mo-films POLYOLEFIN® Assortment, as well as products from the mo-protect® series, achieve top scores in the "Made for Recycling" evaluation analysis.

Press release mopack - Made for Recycling

Sustainability and environmental awareness have become very important to many people. Consumers are increasingly looking for less plastic and recyclable packaging while shopping. The Interseroh label "Made for Recycling" is a great help in this respect. Packagings with this label has been proven to be good or even very good for recyclability.

The mopack polyolefin shrinkfilms MO1, MO4 and the products of the mo-protect® series (large-format shrink films for transport and weather protection) achieved "very good" results in the test and are now allowed to carry the "Made for Recycling" label.

The requirement for obtaining this label is a test procedure in which Interseroh verifies the recyclability with an independent, scientific evaluation method developed with the bifa Umweltinstitut. Not only the recyclability of the material is verified, but also the sortability and the possibility of disposal. A maximum of 20 points can be achieved. With more than 18 points, the materials even exceed the legal minimum requirements.

Of course, this does not happen on its own: correct waste separation is important for recycling. In this way, the consumer can dispose of sorted waste. Through efficient sorting in modern sorting plants, a high level of recyclability can be achieved and the recyclable materials can be used again as packaging for new products. In this way, every consumer can make an important contribution to climate and resource protection with "Made for Recycling" packagings and its correct sorting during disposal.


When it comes to recycling, it is not only the industry that is called upon, but also the end consumer. Emptied plastic packaging belongs in the intended sorting bins. It is important that different materials that can be separated are also divided  (e.g. remove the aluminium lid from the yoghurt pot, remove the paper band).  This is the only way that the technical equipment of the sorting plants can recycle effectively. Packaging should also not be stacked inside each other, but placed loose in the sack. Interseroh-certified packaging is particularly easy to recycle. In this way, manufacturers and end consumers can work together to ensure sustainable recycling.